Austin Real Estate Market 2021 – Five MYTHS You NEED TO KNOW

Two certainties in the current Austin real estate market are (1) houses are selling faster and for more money than ever before, and (2) there are many more buyers than there are houses available for sale.

A market like this produces all kinds of theories about what might be coming next and this video dispels five of the most common myths.

  • Myth 1: The reason for the housing shortage in Austin is all the people moving here.
  • Myth 2: Out of state buyers are driving prices up and making housing unaffordable.
  • Myth 3: Don’t buy a house now because we are due for a market correction.
  • Myth 4: The foreclosure moratorium will end soon and this will drive prices lower.
  • Myth 5: There will be more houses listed in the spring and that will drive prices lower.

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