Austin Homeless Problem – Part 2: The Camping Ban Vote 2021

The Austin homeless problem became more visible when Mayor Adler and the Austin City Council removed restrictions on public camping in 2019. Almost immediately, homeless encampments began to pop up under freeway overpasses and in public spaces.

The visibility of these encampments has impacted property values, the operation of businesses and public safety.

On one side of the debate is Mayor Adler and the Austin City Council. They are the ones who removed the camping ban in 2019. Their current plan is to house the homeless in hotels, but residents near these hotels organize protests and file protests to keep the homeless out of their neighborhoods.

Organizations like Save Austin Now, a non-profit advocacy group, maintain that the removal of the camping ban impacts the quality of life for all Austinites. This group has been successful in getting the reinstatement of the camping ban on the May 1st ballot.

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